Online Readings & Consultations

The live readings and health consultations are done via Zoom. To book one of these, we will email each other to set a date and a time which is convenient for both parties. The Zoom meetings are recorded and you will receive a copy of the recording as proof that I provided the service and also to help you go back to it whenever you need more clarity. The advantage of live meetings is that you get to ask me all those questions that might arise during the consultation or reading and we can have a very agreeable dialogue.

These are the consultations and readings I offer at this moment:

TCM health and wellness consultation. This is a signature service I provide. It is a wonderful combination between a Traditional Chinese Medicine medical consultation and a BaZi birth chart reading, which leads to a series of information regarding your constitutional health, your Secret Element which has the power to restore balance, and the signs and symptoms you experience at the time of the consultation. You receive the recording of the meeting which will contain the full analysis and a set of recommendations that you can start using right away to help restore balance.

Please take into account that such a consultation is rather an addition to any ongoing treatment you may be taking and not a substitute for professional and medical treatment. I will never recommend anyone to give up their regular appointments or medication. Also, I am neutral and tolerant when it comes to your personal choices of any kind, I don’t care about your religion, your sexuality, your political views, your position regarding vaccines or your dietary preferences.¬†

BaZi birth chart readings. BaZi birth charts are a wonderful instrument for self-discovery and empowerment. They show you an objective image of yourself, what your secret powers are, what lessons you need to unlearn, how you see the world and react to it. It is a very fine tuned guiding map which can shed light on your overall life or give you precise instructions on how you can enjoy wealth and good relationships right now. A special kind of BaZi birth chart is the one for children under 15 and their parents, which can provide valuable information about the personality of your child and how you can be a better parent.

YiJing divinations. The Book of Change or YiJing is the oldest divinatory and spiritual development book in the world. It is the cornerstone of all metaphysical arts of the Tao and it can be used in many ways. I offer you the divinatory YiJing which will help you receive clarity about your spiritual evolution and guidance on your current journey.

MentorShip with Daciana is a signature program designed for people who prefer spiritual coaching and accountability to accomplish their goals.

Please note that I am not a fortune teller. I am a highly intuitive professional consultant and a fully qualified TCM practitioner who wants to bring clarity and guidance to people who wish to improve themselves and their lives. I will not tell you if you get married, how many kids you will have or who will win the lottery. I will not even tell you what your purpose or mission is. You create your own destiny, I am here to clarify, confirm and guide those who already help themselves.

All sessions are confidential.


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