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In Chinese tradition, Jade brings good fortune, protection and a long life. It is said it repels evil spirits and nightmares. It is a stone which displays the imperial qualities. Jade is a witness of our own purification and refinement as spiritual beings. It promotes longevity and inner peace. Jade is a stone of transformation, of clarification, of ascendance, of accomplishment.

Purple Jade is one of the rarest forms of jade. It is said that it alleviates emotional hurt, helps restore peace, dispels negative energies and allows us to have a joyful outlook on life.

I created Purple Jade Holistics because I believe that mental health and emotional hygiene are just as important as physical health. When we are at peace with ourselves, our lives are prosperous, luck smiles upon us and health can be restored at all levels much easier.

Understanding that I am but a mere instrument, my mission at Purple Jade Holistics is:

  • To live every day according to the principles of Chinese medicine and the other metaphysical arts to the best of my knowledge and abilities, so that I can take care of myself and become the best version of myself, for myself and others
  • To learn and deepen my knowledge of Chinese medicine and the other metaphysical arts so that I can become a more and more accomplished practitioner for myself and others
  • To make PJH a place of healing and enlightenment for everyone who seeks information and tools on how to heal and become the best version of themselves

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (Lao Tzu)

I may not be able to make the journey for you, but I can walk with you for a while.

Your humble fellow traveler,


Spread the knowledge, please

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