A woman’s power is in her hips. In traditional cultures, women carry their young ones against their hips. The womb is located in the pelvic area, relying on the hips for stability and balance.  Fertility goddesses have been depicted as voluptuous women with generous hips. Belly dancing has been regarded as one of the most sensual and feminine dance forms since immemorial times.

The ancient Daoist healing arts, such as acupuncture, Tuina massage and Qigong, discovered that there is a special meridian that surrounds the hips and waist area.

The Dai Mai, also known as the Belt Vessel or the Girdle Vessel, is the only horizontal meridian in the body. It is also classed as one of the Extraordinary meridians.

The purpose of these Extraordinary meridians or vessels is to collect and store the Qi for very special purposes.

There are 12 regular meridians on each human body. These are linked and they govern over the 6 main Internal Organ Systems, 6 meridians on each side of the body: left and right.

All the Yin meridians are linked together by an Extraordinary meridian which collects and governs over all the Yin meridians and substance of the body. All the Yang meridians are linked together by another Extraordinary meridian which collects and governs over all the Yang meridians and functions of the body. These are just two of the Extraordinary Vessels of the human body. Their purpose is to collect the extra Qi overflowing from the regular meridians and store it for further usage.

The 12 regular meridians use the Qi pretty much like the cash flow in a business. They make sure that all the daily and routine activities of the body run smoothly and have enough Qi.

The Qi in the Extraordinary vessels is like the extra cash that will be poured in a deposit or a savings account. These savings store the Qi for rainy days, major projects and special occasions.

All these Extraordinary Vessels run vertically, just like the 12 regular meridians. The Dai Mai, or the Girdle Vessel, is the only Extraordinary vessel that runs horizontally. It is like the ribbon holding together all the flowers in a bunch. Because of this characteristic, it is also responsible for keeping the internal organs in place, especially in the lower abdomen

Apart from being the only horizontal meridian, the Dai Mai is linked to an Extraordinary Organ: the Uterus. The Uterus is classed as an Extraordinary Organ because it is not linked to any of the 6 Internal Organ Systems. Instead, it depends on the good function of several of them to perform it’s special mission, that of a space where life is conceived and grown. It has a special affinity to the Liver-Gallbladder system and the Wood Element.

Apart from governing over cultivating new life through the Uterus, the Dai Mai is also related to trauma. The pelvic area is a storage area, it stores the seeds of physical life, but it can also store our experiences, especially those that have not been dealt with.

In TCM, the Dai Mai is used to treat:

  • anything related to the hips, waist, legs
  • gynecological issues such as: irregular or painful menstruation, history of miscarriages
  • pelvic pain, pelvic inflammations, UTI, yeast infections
  • sciatica
  • excessive belly fat
  • deep-rooted trauma, self-hate, sexual abuse, sexuality

Qigong has developed special forms that activate and regulate all the meridians and Extraordinary Vessels.

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