Purple Jade Holistics Wellness Club

Nobody should hold the power over your own health and healing but yourself!

What I want to know is

Do you want to be healthy, wealthy and prosperous?

Are you ready to take ownership back over your life?

Are you ready to become the creator of your own healing?

Are you willing to make the commitment? To walk the walk?

What I’m asking of you is to become your own number one fan, your number one supporter, the person who will give yourself the most love, patience, compassion and time.

You’ve put yourself last, you’ve put yourself down, and you’ve been your number one critic for so long. Did that help you stay healthy? Did that help you heal?

Will you let me show you another way?

What I’m offering is my knowledge and expertise. There will be lots of choices on the menu. You alone will decide how much of that you want to take advantage of, how much you want to learn and how much you want to invest. Some of the sessions will be free, some of them will require an energy exchange in the form of money. And new content will be added all the time, based on your needs.

And the beauty of it all is that you won’t even have to leave your home.

Everything will be available online. There will be live sessions, there will be recorded ones; there will be online books for you to download, there will be webinars for you to watch and online consultations with personalised advice and treatment options.

These past six months of 2020 have confirmed to me once more the wisdom of the ancients, by placing so much importance on the self-care and self-healing arts.

I will be your host and fellow traveller on your journey through this vast territory called Life. I will not be able to walk the walk for you, but I will walk with you.

We will cheer for each other, nurture each other, and help each other grow, heal and prosper.

We will learn to work with our own Qi, with our own body and mind so that we change our entire universe for the best.

Let’s become healthy, wealthy and prosperous!

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