8 Piece Brocade Qigong


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The 8 Piece Brocade is one of the most ancient and one of the most practiced Qigong forms

One of the legends surrounding this form is that it was created at the request of one of the Chinese emperors for his troops to keep their bodies and minds fit and healthy with limited means when they were travelling in his campaigns. These days, it is practiced widely everywhere in China and it is part of the recovery program for the Covid-19 patients

An all rounder, the 8 Piece Brocade contains simple yet very effective exercises that stimulate and energise the entire body and all the major Qi meridians, warming up all the joints and activating all the major muscles of the body. It calms the mind, regulates breathing and consolidate balance

This harmonious form leaves the practitioner feeling soft, warm and fluid, as if covered in the most exquisite piece of silk

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