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“In the old days the sages treated disease by preventing illness before it began, just as good government or emperor was able to take the necessary steps to avert war. Treating an illness after it has begun is like suppressing revolt after it has broken out. If someone digs a well when thirsty, or forges weapons after becoming engaged in battle, one cannot help but ask: Are not these actions too late?” The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine, as part of the Taoist metaphysical arts, is first and foremost preventative medicine.

Cultivation of health, like it is called in the classical texts, is the art of nurturing life. Much like nurturing and caring for a plant or an infant, true Chinese medicine promotes the art of living in harmony with yourself and with your environment.

Purple Jade Holistics Training Centre is accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

Purple Jade Holistics Training Centre was founded with three main missions:

  1. To educate its team into becoming a more accomplished reflection of the Taoist arts. This is reflected in the services provided in the clinic and training rooms, as well as in the posts published on this site
  2. To educate a future generation of practitioners into the sacred arts on how to take care of themselves and others. This will be reflected in the foundation courses and specialised courses
  3. To educate the people into the art of self-cultivating their own health and well-being, so that my services at the clinic fulfill their true purpose: that of assisting your healing process and not being the healing process. This will be reflected in the workshops and public lectures

January 2020 courses

Wuxing Nutrition Therapy

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