Off With Your Head!

Do you feel you can’t disconnect from the “to do” list in your head?

Too many tabs open in your mind?

Do you suffer from stress-related disorders, such as anxiety, overthinking, insomnia?

Do you clench your jaws a lot or grind your teeth, especially when under pressure or when asleep?

The multi-tasking skills and the ability to work in a stressful and demanding environment, so much appreciated these days, can be quite damaging for our physical and mental health, especially if we don’t do something to log-off once the day is over.

The Qi flows where attention goes. This is the fundamental principle of the ancient Taoist healing arts. A touch on the body will direct the attention towards that stimulus, and the Qi will flow towards that point or area. This is how the practitioner redirects the Qi in a certain area. Once the Qi arrives in the designated place, all we have to do is work with that Qi to disperse a stagnation causing pain, support and nourish a deficient area, or send away excessive Qi.

The same principle of the Qi flowing where the attention is focused can be applied to any physical, mental, emotional and cognitive activities we perform consciously. The mental and cognitive activities especially will guide our Qi towards the upper part of our bodies, commanding our hands and fingers to type, our eyes to search for certain words and images, our ears listen and our mouths speak, and our brains are busy researching and processing the information received.

Although our bodies might not move much, we still perceive this time spent at the desk, in front of our computers or speaking over the phone as being very active and busy.

According to the theory of the Five Elements, this type of mental activity that requires a lot of reasoning, logical thinking, memorising, and learning new things is related to the Earth Element in our body, the same Element that governs our digestion and our muscles and it is responsible for our nourishment.

It is no surprise then that physical symptoms such as tight jaws and grinding teeth can be found more often in people with very stressful jobs and lives, who worry about everything, overthink things and find it difficult to disconnect. The muscles involved in clenching the jaws and grinding the teeth are the same muscles that we use when we eat, to chew down the food for an easier digestion. The same muscles are also responsible for a lot of the headaches and migraines, as well as TMJ and vision problems, because when tightened for a long time, they will use a lot of the Blood that was meant to reach the brain and the eyes, instead it got used by these overactive muscles.

These are the people who will express themselves using phrases like: “too much on my plate”, “I find that are hard to digest” and they have a hard time delegating some of their responsibilities to others.

These are the same people who excel at keeping things remarkably organised and having a brilliant ability to reason and think logically, provided they learn to disconnect and log-off.

If you find yourself in this category of people, then Off With Your Head is for you.

Off With Your Head is built on the foundation of my head massage routine, a very popular massage with all my clients and with amazing results for both physical and mental health.

Off With Your Head is a guided self-care routine that combines mindfulness, breathing, massage and acupressure, and it has been designed especially for the people who

  • wish to disconnect and turn off the mental chatter
  • suffer from tight jaws, TMJ, teeth grinding
  • suffer from migraines, headaches, vertigo, vision problems, tinnitus
  • wish to experience a deeply relaxing massage in the comfort of their own home
  • wish to embark on the beautiful journey of self-care and wellness

Off With Your Head is more than just a head massage, it is a luxurious, complex procedure of more than 40 steps built on the foundations of scalp reflexology, acupressure, ear acupressure, massage and lifting that covers

  • face
  • scalp
  • ears
  • neck
  • shoulders
  • chest
  • arms
  • hands

Guaranteed to log off your head after a long day in just 45 minutes

Off With Your Head is available for you to experience in three forms at very convenient prices:

  1. £5 for guided live group sessions on my Facebook group
  2. £15 for guided live private sessions for couples, private groups, families and households, on any video chat platform, at a time and day at your convenience
  3. £40 for lifetime usage of the complete program when you purchase the course from my website. This includes a complimentary full TCM consultation and lifestyle advice

The sessions can be organised on any online platform at your convenience: Facebook Rooms, Facebook Messenger, Google Meet, Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, etc


  • Off With Your Head is by no means a substitute for medical treatment
  • Off With Your Head is designed to be very safe and with minimal negative side effects
  • Because it is designed on the basis of reflexology and acupressure, it is possible to experience a healing crisis after a few regular sessions
  • Please continue to take your regular medication, even if your initial symptoms have improved
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly before the session begins
  • Please ensure your own safety during the sessions and always work within your own level of mobility and comfort
  • Do not perform the massage with long fingernails
  • Do not perform the massage using oils or essential oils, or with make-up on
  • Do not perform the massage on open wounds, skin disorders, rashes or bone fractures
  • The practitioner cannot be held liable for self-inflicted injuries while performing the Off With Your Head routine
  • The Off With Your Head routine has been designed as a self-massage treatment, do not attempt to perform it on other people

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