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The human mind can be a wonderful servant or a terrible master. As a servant, it can turn you into the most accomplished warrior. As a master, it can turn you into the most accomplished worrier.

One of the most successful people in the world are the ones who made their minds work for themselves instead of allowing their minds to control their pain, thoughts or emotions. If we look at their lifestyle habits, they all seem to have one thing in common: they meditate.


Yes, it’s all in your head!

Scientific studies have demonstrated that mindfulness and meditation do actually change the brain chemistry and how we react to stimuli.



Did you know?

The corporations in Japan have interior gardens built within the premises so that all their employees can spend time in contemplation every day. Many of them will also spend at least one week in Buddhist or Zen retreats, because they believe that mindfulness not only helps maintain good health, emotional balance and general well-being, but it also makes them more successful in their professions, leading to wealth and prosperity.


“Why is mindfulness good for me?”

This art of contemplating the present moment, as it is, without trying to change anything about it, without judging or trying to quantify it in any way, has many benefits.

Health & Wellness

The act of gently guiding the mind to the present moment is not only grounding, but it also helps deal with an overactive mind, stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness relaxes the mind and helps it become open and aware, which improves the memory and focus.

A relaxed mind is also better equipped to handle pain. Mindfulness can be a very important instrument for people who struggle with chronic pain and inflammation, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. Also, by releasing stress, mindfulness can help with strengthening the immunity and lowering the blood pressure.

Better Sleep

One of the first effects people notice when they start practising mindfulness is a significant improvement in their sleep patterns. Mindfulness not only helps them fall asleep faster, it also helps them stay asleep, and the quality of the sleep is much improved as it assists in the reduction of nightmares.

Health & Wealth

One of the fundamental principles of mindfulness is to explore everything with new and curious eyes. This helps develop creativity and problem solving skills. This is why people who meditate and practice mindfulness tend to be more relaxed, creative and more successful.

Quality of Life

Another interesting side-effect of mindfulness is that people practising staying present in the now seem to feel less lonely. Being present and aware of the surroundings and looking at everything with new eyes and a vivid curiosity renders one feeling connected not only with themselves, but to the world at large. Plus, by attending mindfulness group sessions, one is prone to meet like-minded people and make new friends.

Mindfulness is able to regulate the moods and the responses one has towards external and internal stimuli. A regular daily practice of mindfulness, even just for a few minutes, will prevent the stress build-up.

In a nutshell,

It puts YOU in control of how YOU choose to respond to the events inside or around you.

Mindfulness can become an empowering tool by putting YOU in control of your mind and your life.

Can you afford NOT to give mindfulness a try?

Shifting from a human doing to a human being is one of the most natural acts one could do and it involves very natural techniques that we forgot we had: 

  • acknowledge but don’t judge
  • become aware but do not evaluate
  • observe but don’t define

In other words, forget everything you’ve ever learnt about yourself and life and take another look at your body and the world as if you have just been given this body and you have just landed on this planet.

“What do I need to start?”

Forget about books, tutorials and apps. All you need to do is sit, stand or lie down and just breathe. Just be.


Acknowledge the life-giving act of breathing as it is at this very moment. Notice your breathing as you read these lines and just allow it to be. 

Be in your body

Be aware of your physical body without trying to evaluate what is happening inside it at this very moment. Notice the presence of each body part, as it is in this very moment and just allow it to be. 

Be with your mind

Be aware of your inner world, your thoughts, your emotions, your mental activity at this very moment. Notice the busy-ness of your inner world, just like you observe a busy market or square in a nice summers day and just allow everything to be.  

Be your own impartial observer

Start with one breath, one body part and one thought and build up from there. Putting limits to it will turn it into an activity, your aim is just be. Allow this practice to grow naturally just like a seed grows in spring, one tiny step every day. Don’t force it. 

Let’s just say you are at your desk and you’ve just ended one phone conversation. Allow yourself to acknowledge one breath and notice your body sat at the desk. Bring your mental awareness to the noises around you or find something green to look at, whether it’s a plant on a desk or a tree outside. You are now in the now. You are. 

We spend most of our time preparing for the next moment. In winter we are looking forward to summer, in summer we are counting the sleeps till Christmas. Somehow the next moment always seems more important than the one we are in right now. Mindfulness teaches us that all we will ever have is the present moment. 

Today is life. The only life we will ever know

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