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Hello everyone!
As a practice of ancient Chinese medicine, Purple Jade Holistics is not just a place for healing when the balance is lost.

Most of the ancient healing arts have been created for the preservation of this balance that we call health. My first duty as a TCM practitioner is to preserve health and to cultivate it, in myself and in others. I have therefore closed the doors of the clinic.

Closing the physical doors of the practice is also an act of preservation and protection. I may have not taken a formal oath like the Western health practitioners, but I am a therapist and a first aider. So it is one of my sacred duties to prevent an illness from getting worse.

I have created a group (click here), where, together with a league of extraordinary people, I will share knowledge that can help you cultivate and preserve balance.

I am also in the process of creating several online courses

An old Chinese curse says: “May you live in interesting times” This year of the Metal Rat is definitely a very interesting one. But if Taoism and Chinese medicine have taught me anything is that there’s always opportunity hidden in the challenge. May you find yours 

Spread the knowledge, please
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